ISO 37002:2021: A Game-Changer for Whistleblowing Systems Internationally

By BeSignal | 6 January 2022 | Article

ISO 37002:2021: A Game-Changer for Whistleblowing Systems Internationally

Published in July 2021 by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), ISO 37002:2021 sets a new benchmark, recommending global adoption. This standard is designed to enhance the handling of whistleblowing within companies, institutions, and the like. It establishes best practices ensuring that processes such as receiving, sorting, assessing, addressing, and concluding whistleblower reports are seamless and favorable for all parties involved.

Why Enhancing Your Whistleblowing System is Crucial?

Firstly, it’s not just corporations that should be paying attention to ISO 37002:2021. Its implementation is advocated for all public, private, non-profit bodies, regardless of their nature, size, location, or business focus.

ISO's official documentation specifies that by adhering to this standard, organizations can:

  • Promote and facilitate the reporting of wrongdoing.
  • Uphold and shield whistleblowers and other involved stakeholders.
  • Ensure timely and apt handling of such reports.
  • Augment the organization's culture and governance.
  • Minimize potential wrongdoing risks.

Consequently, these bodies can:

  • Spot and address wrongdoings promptly.
  • Aid in preventing or minimizing asset loss and aid in recovering lost assets.
  • Uphold their policies and procedures, as well as meet legal and societal obligations.
  • Attract and retain staff loyal to the organization's values and culture.
  • Showcase ethical and sound governance practices to society, markets, regulators, owners, and other stakeholders.

By optimizing their whistleblowing systems, organizations foster trust by:

  • Signifying leadership commitment to address wrongdoings.
  • Encouraging prompt reporting of unethical acts.
  • Reducing and preventing harm to whistleblowers and other involved parties.
  • Promoting a culture of transparency, integrity, and accountability.

Why ISO 37002:2021 Matters to You?

Unlike anti-corruption standards or compliance ones, ISO 37002 is not certifiable. This flexibility makes it easily usable alongside other related standards.

ISO 37002:2021 outlines steps to implement professional whistleblowing mechanisms for organizations already having a complaint management system. It guides on effectively integrating a tailored whistleblowing system, bolstering efforts, and ensuring your organization's integrity through added means.

EuroCompliance is a dedicated certification and training body for corruption prevention. They assist in assessing compliance with international regulations, ensuring continuous enhancement of your anti-corruption program.

BeSignal: Your Trusted Advisor and Guide

Regardless of your legal structure, it's essential to periodically evaluate your whistleblowing system's efficacy. BeSignal is your go-to partner in fostering a trustworthy and healthy environment within your organization.

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